Hi, my name is Barbara Hertogs. Welcome to

Flying Dutchess Web Design

Check out WHAT I do, HOW I do it and WHO the Flying Dutchess is in person.

WordPress Course

Why WordPress?
Simple, because it’s quick to setup and user-friendly to maintain.
Why a Course?
So you can DIY!

What’s in a Course?

I teach my clients to build and maintain their websites by themselves.
From installation, configuration, design and uploading content,
all the way through to technical maintenance.

Read more about my customised, 1-on-1 WordPress courses.

Web Design

When you want to replace your old website.
When you don’t feel like creating your own website.
When you just want to be able to manage your content.

What do you get?

I design and develop your website.
As a courtesy,
I’ll teach you how to manage your content or web shop.

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Web Design Portfolio



If you have any questions or you would like to receive a quote, please contact me by mail or telephone?

How it started

In 2005 I started working as a consultant with Capgemini. Over time I specialised in web application development.

Next to managing development projects and resources, I started creating websites in my spare time.

It began as a hobby.
Now it is a profession.
First as a WordPress Trainer to help out a friend at a Foundation in Kenya.

Later on – by popular demand – I became a Web Designer.

What’s in a name?

A short story:


How does Hertogs become Dutchess?

Iíll explain: Hertog means duke in English. Hertogs is freely translated into ‘from the duke’, most likely referring to his offspring. Being Dutch and a the daughter of a duke (by name) this forms Dutchess.


Flying refers to a number of things:

First of all, it refers to my international work experience with ING Bank in Belgium and with Air France/KLM in France. Furthermore, KLM flew me to Kenya, where I volunteered early 2012.

Secondly, my travel experience. I push the boundaries of far away nations. Thus flying…
Read the full story here.